Token Supply & Demand

Token Supply factors

  • Reward quantity

  • Foundation quantity

  • Team & Partner quantity

  • Marketing quantity

Token Demand factors

  • User JUM demand for service activities (JUM -> Kcal)

  • Purchase Pocket Gym membership

  • Purchase Affiliate product & service

  • Buy Token in the CEX with affiliate subscription fee

  • Buy Token in the CEX with advertising income

Token Spending

  • Quest fail portion : 30% expected failure portion

  • Draw, 1/N Quest fee : 30% fee portion

  • Alliance product Discount rate : 20% - 40% portion of the product pricing

Maintain balance by Token demand & supply factors

Demand factors that can cover supply by reward

Demand factors to cover supply other than reward

Infalation reflect to Token

In many projects, token prices are much more often driven by speculative demand than by the logic of supply and demand. Also, the real economy's inflation rate was not reflected.

The flow of "money" cannot be ignored for projects to be long-lasting and sustainable. In some point, projects can list on the cryptocurrency exchange market and sell the amount of tokens that the foundation has, but it can't be the ultimate solution, and it also causes token prices to fall due to oversupply, which adversely affects the project in the long run.

Our project defined the minimum token price increase factor as “Inflation rate” on the premise that it balances supply and demand. With labor costs, office maintenance costs, and various fees continuing to rise to maintain the project, it is natural that service fees will rise.

The increase in demand for services and service fees would likewise increase the demand for Kcal, and create a sustainable ecosystem.

Point Mall to buy affiliate products and services with Token

Through formal partnership agreements, we receive a 20-60% discount on the products and services of our partners. The discount rate acts as an incineration model for JUM and is based on contracts with one partner in one product line to receive a high discount rate.

Product Partnership

  • Electronics : Samsung Electronics (Formal contract through Samsung Electronics)

  • Sportswear : Puma (Formal contract through Puma Korea)

  • Healthcare : LOTTE Healthcare (On Proposal)

  • F&B : Samsung Well Story, CJ Freshway, etc. (Preparing proposal)

Offline Facilities Services Partnership for purchase with Token

  • Fitness center : Currently we have MOU with 40 centers, and aims to partner with one center for each commercial district in the future.

  • Theme park : Signed a partnership agreement with "Wave Park"

  • Other Sports & Fitness Facilities : It will expand its use through partnerships with life-friendly offline exercise facilities such as golf, yoga, pilates, and CrossFit

Ecosystem design of true utility token

A token is a crypto currency derived from the mainnet. Among them, utility tokens differ in their use from trading or platform coins requiring sophisticated blockchain technology. The ecosystem of utility tokens is ideally designed by economic experts who have a good understanding of demand and supply mechanisms.

The JUMONEY is a utility token project designed by an economic expert who has experienced numerous projects in the healthcare and fitness industry for decades. Many of these project experiences have enabled partnerships with prominent and leading companies, creating a unique and feasible “Token Economy”.

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